Balearic Islands

When we received Laura and Pedro’s message telling us they wanted us as their wedding photographers in Formentera, we thought it was a marvelous idea. We were eager to leave our homeland, meet new people, and experience different types of weddings. And if we’re talking about the Balearic Islands, it became even more intriguing! So, off we went, flying to Ibiza with our backpacks filled with cameras and, above all, excitement. From there, we took a ferry to Formentera, where we spent two incredible days. We started the day at the place they were staying, Somnis, a wonderful venue for a wedding in the Balearic Islands. There, we witnessed the groom’s mother preparing the wedding cake, and what a cake it was! She is a professional artisan pastry chef and creates beautiful things. We saw them swimming in the pool, enjoying the company of their closest family… in short, having pleasant moments before the beach wedding.


Laura chose a gorgeous Otaduy dress, perfect for a beach wedding, as it was simple yet stylish. The women in the family didn’t miss the chance to toast with champagne, and that’s one of those things we love! We appreciate it when you take your time during the wedding preparations. These were very emotional moments, with tears of happiness, hugs, and plenty of smiles before a wonderful beach ceremony.

Comenzamos el día en la casa donde se alojaban, Somnis, un lugar maravilloso para la celebración de una boda en Baleares. Allí pudimos ver como la madre del novio preparaba la tarta de la boda, y menuda tarta! Ella se dedica profesionalmente a la pastelería artesanal y hace cosas muy bonitas. Pudimos verles bañándose en la piscina, disfrutando de su familia más cercana… en fin, pasando momentos previos a la boda en la playa muy agradables.


How do you imagine a wedding ceremony in Formentera? Well, it had to be on the beach! «Go Formentera» was in charge of decorating a unique beach wedding ceremony. The bride’s cousin officiated a personalized ceremony, filled with emotional moments. Getting married in Formentera is an incredible experience, and if you add being surrounded by your loved ones on the beach, it becomes a true luxury! After the ceremony, we took a few minutes to capture some wedding photos in Formentera. The great thing about evening weddings is that the photo shoot takes place at sunset, with incredibly beautiful lighting.


After a short wedding photo session, we hopped on the rented Haris to explore the island and returned to the place where they were staying, which was chosen as the wedding venue. There, La Sweet Catalina prepared a wedding dinner that we absolutely loved because it was a buffet where each guest could choose what they wanted to eat. During the celebration, we saw some of their family members giving speeches and even performing musical acts… in other words, they had a blast. The bride’s father even surprised them by singing a song for the couple to have their first dance. Such moments are truly rare. For us, the beauty of weddings lies precisely in these special moments that are created. It was everything we could have imagined for a wedding in Formentera and more! It was our first time being wedding photographers in the Balearic Islands, and we hope to return soon!

Weddings in Formentera and the Balearic Islands: Perfect Places for Your Dream Wedding

If you’re looking for the perfect location to celebrate your wedding, Formentera and the Balearic Islands can be an ideal choice. With their stunning natural landscapes, dreamy beaches, and sunny weather, these islands are highly popular destinations for weddings. Here, we present some of the best venues to get married in these islands.

Weddings in Formentera: A Union in Paradise

Formentera is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean. If you’re seeking an idyllic location for your wedding, this island can be a fantastic choice. With its white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters, Formentera offers a unique

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